Sip & Dine


he experience of pairing food and wine is the adventure of creation –  the creation of food to suit a beloved wine or the selection of a wine to dance with your favorite dish. Our team will help you find those perfect pairings which will allow you to enjoy the affinity between our farm fresh foods and the best wines that the Champlain Valley wine region and New York has to offer.

“The most unique and memorable part of the vacation though was the dining experience. The meals were incredible – delicious, abundant, healthy & local.”


A Taste of What’s to Come

Gather with family and friends at the center of it all, our farm inspired, private Tasting Barn. Our private bar’s expansive New York selection wine list highlights top producers from the Champlain Valley, Finger Lakes, Long Island and Hudson River Valley and are utilized extensively in our tastings, experiences and chef-prepared meals. Our carefully cultivated wine list is available to you throughout your time with us, so you can discover the producers and styles you love during your special moments at Rolling Hills Estate Winery.

Tasting barn at sunset

Tasting Experience

Our Sommelier-led tastings will take your palette on a journey as you experience our private small-batch wine collection and our extensive collection of the finest that the Champlain Valley wine region and NYS has to offer.

  • Blind Tasting for Quality: Preconceived notions are stripped away as we blind taste a series of wines. Will your favorite survive the challenge, or will your wine world be forever changed?
  • Wine Regions of NY: Dive deep into what makes these established regions special through a broad sampling of wine styles produced in each region.
  • Finger Lakes Riesling Styles: From dry to sparkling to sweet, Finger Lakes Riesling is leading the way in North America and competing on a global stage.
  • Sparkling Wines of New York: From the powerful champagne method to light and cheery stainless steel- produced sparkling wines, New York’s fresh climate provides the perfect conditions for sparkling wine. Could this be the next big thing in New York wine?
  • Varietal Rosé of New York: Explore the differences in rosé styles through the lens of the grape variety.
  • Red Wines of NY: Explore New York’s traditional red wine grape varieties, as well as some newcomers, to see how far New York reds have come.
  • Cabernet Family Varietals in NY: Explore the small pockets of New York which can ripen the cabernet family of grapes.
  • Tasting Production Methods in the Glass: An exploration of the flavors in your glass which make up the symphony. Is it the grape, the vessel, the process, or the vineyard?

wine sniffing - wine tasting

Honest & Pure Varietals

Through experiences and tastings during your time here, our wine pairing tips will help you immerse yourself in delicious tasteful exploration with the bounty of our farm. Our experts will guide you through different pairing factors including intensity, mirrored flavoring, salt and sweetness, acid and fat, tannin and fat and so much more.

You will have the opportunity to pair wine during Saturday evening five-course feasts or as you cook and dine on a variety of delicious cuts of USDA, hormone-free, healthy, seasonal, farm-fresh meats, right from our farm, including grass-fed and pasture raised Devon-Hereford beef, Berkshire pork, and spring lamb.

Pair wines with our farm’s savory seasonal heirloom vegetables, fresh from our garden, and enhance every meal with freshly picked herbs right from our private greenhouse.

Farm Fresh

Eat Healthy, Drink Well

Our private restaurant right at The Tasting Barn is where the magic happens. Watch as our chefs create culinary and farm-fresh masterpieces. Guest benefits to include:

  • Weekly Chef-Prepared Feast from our Farm to your Plate with Optional Wine Pairing, Featuring Rolling Hills Estate Winery’s Private Collection
  • Enjoy our farm fresh vegetables, maple syrup, eggs & milk as well as all of our USDA cuts of beef, pork and lamb to create healthy breakfast dishes
  • Seasonal Farm Fresh Provisions for you to Prepare in your own Townhome Kitchen or Grill

When not enjoying our chef-prepared fare, prepare a frittata in your townhome with our own bacon, ham, sausage and farm fresh eggs. Relish with freshly brewed Adirondack Mountain Coffee. Stroll, bike or drive your golf cart over to our ‘Veggie Shack,’ where our vegetables, milk and eggs are restocked daily, always fresh, and always available for the taking.

Explore and pick your favorite assortment of berries—raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, thimbleberry, plus sweet Jonamac apples that can be picked right from our orchard. This pristine and scenic region boasts a robust local food economy for all things farmed, distilled and fermented, where guests enjoy eating and drinking the bounty of the region.

Be one of the fortunate few to be a part of this exclusive wine community and secure your home away from home.

Culinary Team

Our world-class chefs create exquisite farm-to-table masterpieces brilliantly prepared to enhance and interact with the flavors of our wines and leave guests wanting more.

Chefs at Rolling Hills

“The five-course, gourmet meal not only redefined farm-to-table, it proved that the Head Chef is, without a doubt, the Thomas Keller of the Adirondacks.”

Garden team at Rolling Hills