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Cookies and Privacy Policy

Rolling Hills Estate Winery takes the responsibility of safeguarding your privacy seriously.  This Cookie and Privacy Policy details how we may use, collect, and disclose your personal information.

 Website Cookies Policy uses session cookies in order for our website to function and to analyze how you use our website.  Those cookies may take note of non-identifying information and cannot be tracked back to you personally, such as which web browser you’re using in order for the site to display properly in that browser.  Cookie settings are controlled in your web browser settings, and you may block all cookies at any time.  Our code will never attempt to override your browser settings.  If you do block cookies, our website may not operate as intended.

Our cookies do not collect, store, or share any personal information or personally identifiable information.  If you are logged in using guest login credentials which have been provided to you, login cookies may be stored in your browser, but those cookies are not associated with you personally in any way.

We do not set or use first- or third-party web beacons or tracking pixels or permit you to provide any personal information through our website which may be tracked, stored, or shared.

Rolling Hills Estate Winery Privacy Policy

If you call or email us and provide personal information, such as your name, email address, or phone number, we will use it only to respond to your request, as is appropriate.  We never sell your information, and we don’t share your information with third parties, with these exceptions:

  • Where necessary to fulfill your requests.  For example, if you request something which requires us to mail it, we would share your address with a courier service or the US Postal Service.
  • To back up our business data.  We back up our business data periodically, and any information you have shared with us may be included in an encrypted backup.
  • With service providers.  For example, the accountant who manages our books will see our accounts receivable records.

If you purchase a product or service with us, we do not store your personal or payment information on  We will share it with our payment processing company or accountant, only as necessary to process your transaction.

How to Contact Us

Should you have any questions relating to any aspect of our privacy policy or website functionality, please contact